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"I won't do it again" says Lerato Kganyago after she met DJ Zinhle and tried to greet and ignored


Photo: Dj Zinhle and Lerato Kganyago

To begin, I'll try to give DJ Zinhle the benefit of the doubt by speculating that she may not have heard of Lerato. Second, I'll assume she doesn't want to answer you because she's in a bad mood or because you dated her ex-boyfriend. No matter how bad her mood is, there is no excuse for her to ignore someone's "Hello!" or "Good Morning!" 

According to Musa Khamula, Lerato Kganyago is currently going through it all. Lerato says she regrets Greeting someone and she won't do it again. It turns out the person in question is DJ Zinhle. At the time, DJ Zinhle and Lerato were both at the White Lounge; Sunninghill and Lerato tried talking to DJ Zinhle but were ignored.

We were taught to greet others at a young age, but this does not guarantee that the person you are greeting will be nice and respond to you. I mean, we've all, in some way, greeted someone and the person chose to remain silent, but we went on with our lives as if nothing had happened, but with the knowledge that the next time you see that person, there will be no more greeting. I don't think Lerato should be too concerned because people have problems, or it's possible that DJ Zinhle secretly despises her and she can't change it.

Photo: Dj Zinhle

People had different views regarding what had happened, and below are some of the comments from people on Twitter.

Let me wait for Zinhle's comment. She probably didn't even hear her, but Lerato is spoiled by her husband, so she goes around thinking she deserves special treatment. People have other things to think about. The world does not revolve around you.

Photo: Lerato Kganyago

Shame and LKG are such greeters, I would say. When we ran into her and asked for photos, she was very nice, even giving us hugs and telling us she loved us. She is a sweetheart to people, so I understand why she would be touched. The greeting is common courtesy, and it happens, so it's not forcing yourself.

Even if you don't want a conversation, I think it's good when it happens. You finally cut your losses with no doubt. I met DJ Zinhle at an event. I was raving about how much more beautiful she looked in person than my friends, so I tried to go greet her. She ignored me. I was so disappointed because she came across as kind on the socials and gave an IT girl's vibe.

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DJ Zinhle Lerato Kganyago


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