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Uzalo Teasers: Week 24-28 January 2022

Let’s review the highlights of this week’s upcoming episodes for Uzalo.

The drama continues at KwaMashu as we see that Nkunzi is feeling the after-effects of his betrayal to Phillipe, and Gabisile is seen gloating to him as they sit down at the table eating dinner together with Sbonelo. Nkunzi looks very guilty and defeated. He has lost a great and beneficial friendship because of last, and Gabi is not letting him get away with it quickly.

Babekazi and Mbatha have crossed all lines of inhibitions as they bluntly ask Nosipho where Nkunzi keeps the money. Nosipho is seen to be shocked at their audacity. They are drawing closer to what they have planned.

Still, on Babekazi, an investigator is hot on her heels. We see this man visit Mondli at the police station to ask uncomfortable questions about her. Gabisile’s name also comes up in this conversation. The investigator is probably from the insurance, so Babekazi employs dangerous tactics to get the money.

Uzalo Teasers: Week 24-28 January 2022

Uzalo scene. Credit:

It looks like Pastor Gwala is back at the Bhebhe distillery. He smells a rat after Sbu shit his mouth and accidentally gives essential information to the Pastor. Anyway, Sbonelo threatens Pastor Gwala and tells him to stop with his unwarranted investigation on the death of Nomzamo and leave his land alone.

It doesn’t end there; Sbonelo is then heard urging thieves to ransack Pastor Gwalas home as they pick up everything and break valuables. Sbonelo sends a message to his brother, and it is not subtle.

Sbonelo would do anything to ensure that Pastor Gwala fails in gathering more evidence on Nomzamo’s disappearance. He makes sure that nothing stops him from getting the factory off the ground.

Nonka will know if suspect S’bonelo breaks in at Pastor Gwala’s house. He might be calling unwanted attention to himself and the distillery.

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