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Wedding planning scene

Mzansi notices Bishop Makamu's crossover to over to marry a couple on Our Perfect Wedding

This week on Our Perfect Wedding we met Paul and Tumelo who were a head-over-hills in love with each other and had been that way since 2018. But viewers couldn't help but notice that Bishop I Makamu made a feature to their ceremony.

Of course in true Mzansi fashion they were trolling him

On the latest epsiode of Our Perfect Wedding we learned that the groom had briefly struggled to win over his bride who was seeing someone else when they met. That didn't deter him from trying again until she finally decided to give him a chance.

Their love was very beautiful to behold and many people agreed that they looked like soulmates, everything about them matched and they were very adorable with their little girls. They were an ideal couple with an idyllic wedding.

The Bishop who says "sho" at a wedding

However, what also captured people's attention was the crossover that was happening. The Rea Tsotella host crossed over to Mzansi Magic for a single night and he must have forgotten where he was because his famous "sho" phrase never stopped coming.

We discovered that Makamu was the brides uncle-in-law as he was married to an aunt of hers, making him family. It was probably why he was laid back but I have to admit it was funny to hear him say that as the couple exchanged emotional vows to each other.

Social Media Opinion

One user wrote, "#OurPerfectWedding not Makamu busy saying "Sho" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he forgot that he is not on Reatsotella 😳🀣"

Another user was just happy to see the bishop there, writing, "Bishop Makamu is always speaking facts #OurPerfectWedding"

Personal Thoughts

The bishop obviously is ordained and can marry people but what he said during the ceremony really stood out to me. He said that no amount of love would help you in a marriage if don't know how to treat your spouse. It was so poignant yet really looked over. He was completely correct. Even if someone loves you, if they dont treat you how you need to be treated, the puzzle won't come together, it will remain incomplete.

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Source: Our Perfect Wedding on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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