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Uthando Nesthembu | Musa Mseleku breaks down after family does this for him

Controversial TV presenter Musa Mseleku was greeted by a pleasant surprise when his family of 4 wives and 10 children, threw him a birthday surprise party.


The new season of uThando nesthembu kicked off with a bang when Mseleku’s wives decided to throw Musa a birthday party. Typically, he is a man who doesn't like throwing celebrations and for his wives to do this for him, caught him by surprise. In this particular episode, he broke down and cried because he was in awe of the love and warmth his family had towards him. A lot of people perceive Zulu men as these tough and rough individuals whom don't or can't show emotion at all. One tweep said: “ Men must cry. Good thing he cried it all out because this unlocked all of those bottled-up emotions he had in him.”

Musa is a very successful businessman with most of his income coming through property. He also works in community development at Ugu District Municipality where he is in charge of the rural areas. He also runs the Phiwe Ukufunda programme that caters for the less fortunate and needy. What makes Musa Mseleku stand apart from most TV presenter, is that he is for people getting into polygamous marriages. He has vowed to educate and help men who need assistance in introducing their potential wife, to their current wife.

It's not all rosey at the Mseleku household as one of Musa’s daughters has always found herself in the spotlight. Sne who is Musa Mseleku’s oldest daughter has been a problem for quite some time. At the age of 23 years old, she ran from home and has a kid. To make matters worse, in this episode she choose a man over her family which sparked a debate on social media.

What are your early thoughts on the new season?

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