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Lady Finds Maggots Inside Her Baby's Purity

New or old moms this is an urge shared by another mother that's concerned about their child's well being, as discovering something in the purity she was about to feed to her child

Checking packaged food or food on the go is rarely done, as many of the mothers or guardians are on the go or trying to fit feeding the baby in that busy day schedule, which is the main reason why parents buy food on the good

Processed food might be convinient as you don't have to cook, all you have to do is feet the child and put it back to the normal storage but then we've had problems before of shop owners selling expired food to people, some r cleaning out the expiry date to deceive people as well

Now a mother has went to Facebook to share what she found inside a purity she was about to feed to her child, and it's shocking to actually image how many parents do get the time to actually open the food that their kids eat especially "on the go" food? It's really rare

Faith Obedience went to Facebook and wrote

"Hello friend and family pls don't just open purity squeeze and just give your kids to feed themselves without checking whats inside. I found very weird disgusting things inside purity Squeeze, am just glad I opened it and recognised what was inside before feeding Buhle. The product expiry year is 2022. From a fellow concerned mother"

A closer look into the purity squeeze

The purity seems to have insects or unknown living things inside, which might have grown or lived in the food for a long time or might have grown the longer they stayed on the shelves, but this one is pretty clear that it's not suitable for feeding any human being and imagine if the mother did not decide to squeeze the whole purity out and just decided to feed it to the child without checking

Ladies let's be more careful on the food we feed out kids.

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Faith Obedience


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