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Wednesday - TEGA Diary Session


Tega: I nominated Saga and Peace, for Peace she's not been up before and she's been talking too much, she should go feel it. Saga can't do things without Nini, so let me see one person go home while Nini do things on his own. Also he's emotionally traumatised, he needs rest

Tega: From my view, I feel the feeling isn't mutual. Saga is putting in more, he was once down and needed to talk but we were busy, he said he wanted to speak to Nini but she wasn't available and he was down. It's one sided and he's putting in more.

Tega: I think she weighed the option, maybe if Maria and Pere weren't exempted from veto save, she would have saved Maria, saving Peace wasn't a shock, it was a good safe, congrats to Peace. Cross hasn't been up, i pray he comes back strong. 2 people will come back strong

Tega: We're getting bored of the ships, they should allow us watch their cruise in peace and stop affecting our mental health. 🤣🤣

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