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Uzalo:Nkanyiso Makhanya (Njeza) faces 10 years in jail for the following crimes.

Uzalo's Nkanyiso Makhanya faces 10 years in prison. Uzalo entertainer Nkanyiso Makhanya, who assumes the part of Njeza on the SABC 1 most-watched soapie, is set to be captured for Gender-Based Violence. Uzalo's Nkanyiso Makhanya (Njeza) faces 10 years in prison. Onscreen, Njeza is involved with Nosipho and turns harmful towards her.


Nosipho id protecting Njeza on many events and momentarily stopping the oppressive relationship, she ends up sucked again into the relationship.The Uzalo show makers, Stained Glass Productions, named the Njeza-Nosipho harmful circumstance "Love Bombing." Love bombardment is unnerving in light of the fact that it sends you a mixed signal of genuine affection, and surprisingly, after separating, you continue to think back with regards to it and the amount you miss it. You don't miss the individual, and you miss the figment they so stunningly made. "  


What resembled a complete separation from Njeza, Uzalo fans hailed their sister for being a bold casualty and continuing on. She is set to disillusion her fans again after proficiently giving herself wholeheartedly to her victimizer Njeza once more. With the expectation that misuse will end and under the figment of allowing love unlimited opportunities, Nosipho is set to encounter the evil spirit in her darling.  


Fierceness and temper is the thing to get done, and regardless of taking Nosipho to his mom's grave, Njeza didn't change his oppressive ways.Njeza will be condemned for Gender-Based Violence, as indicated by Uzalo November Teasers. Prior on in mysteries, it is uncovered that the devil in Njeza is released, and he wrecks Nosipho's possessions angrily, and Nonka and Lilly battle to deal with Njeza's capture.  


Njeza is condemned, it's a lot crueler than anticipated, and he is probably going to get ten years in jail for Gender-Based Violence, harm of property and surprisingly endeavored murder.Speaking about the continuous Gender-Based Violence, Uzalo's makers are pleased to trigger discussions on the inescapable Gender-Based Violence.


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