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Video: watch a proposal of this gay couple that is causing a storm on social media


It was lit and busy as well in the streets of Twitter. People were throwing insults and trolls as usual. A young man was very happy today when his other half finally said yes to him. A man by the name of malose wa mopedi shared on his twitter account a video while he was proposing to his love. He was so excited, because he captioned that 'he said yes'.

The two looked happy, and even kissed each other in front of people. People who was there were taking video, and others are seen congratulating them. As well know that, there can't be a good news without critism, more especially on twitter. While other were wishing them Goodluck and congratulating them, others were not pleased to see the couple and started throwing shades.

People are not used to gay couples, and other still believe it is crazy for a man to marry a man. People started throwing insults at the couple. This are some of the comments from the tweet.

Here is the link of the video on twitter

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