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Malema said Nhlanhla Lux father was a criminal, see what SA says to Malema

Julius Malema claims that Nhlanhla Lux's father, Julius Malema, is to responsible for the death of his daughter. Wena Who are your biological parents, Julius Malema? It's only koko (grandmother) that you have to go on when it comes to your own family. What is the name of your father? Was he able to get along with the rest of the group?

Both Julius and Ndlozi are members of the same WhatsApp group. In the absence of father figures, they've grown to see rudeness and insults as the most significant virtues.

Despite the fact that Julius's father Medupi was still alive when Julius was tossing 2nd and social activities together, you'd believe that his was no one worth focusing on, but he was, in fact, his father. They all greet the guardians with a smile: Julius Malema, the other Malemas, and the rest of them. You're working yourself to exhaustion. What is the role of the Julius watchmen? As far as I'm concerned, that's open to argument. Julius, I adore you to the core of my being. It was a great fan of Malema's. His father, according to your account, was a thief. There must be something wrong with this place, my father.

According to what we know about Malema, it's surprising that he's starting to refer to other people's families and transmit them into the political arena instead of focusing on the real issue that people are questioning, which is joblessness. There is no such thing as being Lux Nhlanhla.


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