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Lehasa Uncle Under Hot Water For What He Did To Lehasa And Pretty

Pretty Did Something That Hurt Lehasa Deeply journals/viewblogpost.aspx?blogpostid=53538 

Nothile made an admirable statement, Lehasa was past discourteous. Pretty's family might have effectively been hesrs and he would have responded the same way. At the point when individuals show you what their identity is, trust them. Lehasa is consistently impolite. Watchers disdain his demeanor towards individuals. He imagines that a many individuals are underneath him. 

This is the storylines that have practically zero end. A large portion of them simply end suddenly and they're so frantic to make Lehasa the reprobate he's not...he's simply a haughty and impolite kid. Basically Nothile saw Lehasa's genuine nature when he was addressing the Seakamelas. Nothile helps me to remember the statement "when individuals show you their genuine nature accept them"she truly saw through Lehasa. Lehasa should approach individuals with deference independent of their status. 

I like how Phomolo is attempting to split apart Lehasa and Nothile. Lehasa hauled that Laptop out as though it had evidence that he's not the dad of Pretty's unborn child, that time it's simply an article of MaNtuli. Lehasa is brimming with games. Nothile is a woman. Some lady would have been intrigued of how Lehasa treated Seakamelas yet not her. 

Flashbacks showing us that MaNtuli has consistently been excessively hard and unjustifiable to Pretty and that is the reason she ran into Lehasa's arms. She never experienced love from her folks. Her mom continually mishandling her verbally. Her dad questioned her peternity. Then, at that point, she met Lehasa who spoilt her with everything, telling her how beautiful& uncommon she is, something she never heard from her folks . 

Lehasa is attempting to fix a relationship with nothile and his youngster is getting cut short tomorrow when Lehasa chooses to see whether that child is his or not, it'll be past the point of no return

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