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Latest News| Thando's parents want her to leave Siyacela as soon as she can

Thando's parents want her to leave Siyacela


Sources: MojaLove Tv Twitter page

Who will Thando choose between her parents and Siyacela? Thando's parents have found out that their daughter is on a abusive relationship and they want her to leave. I mean she cannot leave just like that.

Dlamuka will want his Lobola money back, and all the expenses that he has spent on Thando while she was still living with them. Thando is still in middle of her final examinations and her family just cannot stop bring more drama to her life.

The first mistake that her parents did, was to get her married at a very young age. If Siyacela respected her, he would have waited until they both finish high school. Now they have marriage problems and they are not even 20 years old yet. Parents are suppose to be the one leading their children to happiness but Thando got lost most definitely.

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