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#Generation The Legacy: Rest In Peace Jack Mabaso. See What Happened To Him.

#stay tuned to generation the legacy from Monday to Friday as it is going to be lit. Rest in peace Jack Mabaso king of the kings who the reason to all generation views to keep on watching generation the legacy during weekdays.Jack Mabaso was shoot to death in the least episode of Generation the legacy. The painfully part about all of this is that Jack Mabaso was looking for his love Zitha Langa.

Jack had so many enemies in generation the legacy. Which is the reason for him to endup in hospital. This time around Jack will have to meet his ancestors. There is no way he can make it to live again.

Gadaffi will take over to be the king in generation the legacy. Because he has been waiting for this day.

Are you happy that Jack Mabaso is no more in generation the legacy please leave your comment below

Keep on watching generation the legacy during weekdays

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