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Jub-Jub caught cheating “What goes around comes around”, South Africans are stunned by this.

Allegedly Jub Jub we caught cheating. The famous television star who is the founder of Uyajola 9/9, an episode that exposes South Africans who are not faithful to their partners has been caught cheating. This news went viral on Facebook after Zalebs, an official page that keeps its followers updated about South African celebrities, announced that Jub Jub was caught cheating. “What goes around comes around”.

Screenshot cred: Facebook

This news caught many South African with a lot of questions in their minds. People expected Jub Jub to be the most faithful person inSOuth Africa, just because he hosts a show that exposes the cheaters. People are amazed by how he failed to lead by example. People will only take you seriously if you lead by example and will follow in your footsteps. Screenshot cred: Twitter

This post created by Zalebs created much tension as South African were divided for a moment and shared their opinions. Some look to be siding with Jub Jub and they mention that he is also a human being he has feelings, and if he wants to cheat he has the right to do so. Him hosting a television show that exposes unfaithful partners, does not mean if he is not happy in his relationship he cannot go out and have fun. People were caught up in a discussion and debate, as others were exchanging emotions. Those who agree with what he did say they will continue to support him and buy his music. Photo cred: Twitter

Jub Jub is commonly known for his tricks of getting to the bottom of other people's relationships and solving them. But people are now left speechless as he is the one who is involved in cheating scandals and people want answers as more questions have been asked. Screenshot cred: Facebook

Rumours have also emerged that Jub Jub has been caught straying from his wife,Zenith Mia.Although there is no sufficient evidence been shown to the public yet. Jub Jub is having a taste of his own medicine, the medicine that he has been giving to South Africans. People continue sharing their thoughts on this matter and they want to see how Jub Jub responds to this. Some talks about him cheating after the chow of Uyajola 9/9 came to an end, and they suggest that he made a wise move since he was on the verge of losing many viewers because of his cheating scandal. Screenshot cred: Facebook

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