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Best series you need to check out on Netflix

Series can make one become lazy because they keep on going none stop especially from Netflix. With the recent weather, who does not need their time alone. Just don't let them turn you into a troll. Let's check them out.

Good Girls

The series is based on three women who have to pay bills and they do whatever they can to ensure that problems are solved. Only that every problem they solve seems to wake another one. Elizabeth seems to be the leader who always gets in trouble with a gang leader. Her husband who cheated on her tries all his best to fix the marriage while Beth sleeps with his worst enemy. Ruby finds herself living a sinful. Life after tasting stolen money and that makes her husband question her morals but ends up doing dodgy job too. Annie on the other hand can't control herself from sleeping with any man that comes her way. If you love comedy-crime and romantic movies, then this series is definitely what you'll love.

Squid Game

This Korean series is based on people with debts trying to make money to repay them. They are taken to an island where they are given similar clothes to play games. You fail to complete a game, you die. You fail to participate, you die. They play different types of games but only one person can win the money, the one who stays alive at the end of the game. Friends stab each other 's backs just to say alive. Sides are chosen just to remain alive. If you are the type that loves games but actions movies.

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