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Heartbroken this morning after a terrible news was revealed about Somizi.

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Somizi is a well-known entertainer in South Africa. He's been in the entertainment world for decades. In the industry, he has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Somizi's two jobs have been taken away from him as a result of his personal problems. 

Somizi has been occupied with different activities that earn revenue during this difficult period in his life. He has not modified his lifestyle, implying that the two jobs he lost had no impact on his life. Somizi doesn't stop living his best life, and he keeps doing so every day. 

It's unclear if he has divorced his marriage, although the two have been separated for about a year. They are staying and living separately. 

Most people assumed Somizi was his mother's only child. He would always state that he has additional siblings, but they did not appear in any of his photographs or television shows. He said today that he had lost his older sibling, his mother's firstborn. He stated that she had been buried the day before last and that she was a very private lady. 

Her goal, he says, was for her funeral to be as private as she was, and that is exactly what they did. Even when he put her images on the funeral decor, they were so blurry that no one could tell who she was. May he be able to heal, and may his sister's soul rest in peace. It's unclear how many siblings he has left, as they could be private people who don't want to be renowned but prefer a life away from the spotlight.

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