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Baby daddy ignored calls from baby mama, and she went to his workplace, see what happened.

A man ignored calls from baby mama then she decided to go where he works to check if things are still okay.

Source of the news Twitter Here's the link below for more details.

A trending picture on Twitter of a baby daddy who ignored a call from his baby mama, and she went to his workplace to see what was going or to check if things are going well. On the picture you can see three men walking towards a woman with a baby on her back, the baby daddy is the one who is giving her a serious look wearing a blue t shirt, brown suit, and black trouser. The reason for that look is because he is surprised what is going on with her baby mama coming to work, the problem is that he's not taking her calls.

The child might be sick sometimes needs medical attention, and he is not picking up his phone by that time they have to rush the baby to the hospital, and he's nowhere to be found and when something happens to the baby they die or something he will blame her for not calling, but now she's calling, and he's not picking up.

Men let us to be devoted to our women and children to That it can be a beautiful family together, women are overthinking things the moment you don't want to take her calls she's jumping into conclusion that you are cheating.

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