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Social media won't forgive Tshepi Mavundla for shaming women

Tshepi Mavundla is a South African social media, brand and a brand influencer. She has worked with so many official brands and celebrities.

Tshepi Mavundla catched fire on social media after a video of her podcast with Mac went viral, she was talking about women independence and many different standards. Tshepi out lined that women shoud never admire things they can not afford.

She described this in a Xhosa word Sabaweli, this word is a noun and it's means to desire, Tshepi said if a women is going to Sabaweli something at least her bank account must correspond to her demands and if a women set standards she must make,

Sure that she can afford them first as a women, she continued to say if your bank balance can't give you the life you want then don't expect men who are in a relationship with you to afford your standards and asked where are your parents if you are desiring,

And said women who use the word Sabaweli are prostitute and social media found this as slut shaming because there are people who make money out of it such as sex workers.

Social media found this an as insult to women and slut shaming and it was outlined that the word Sabaweli doesn't necessary mean you desire something that should be bought by men but it means you only want something which it can happen that you want to buy it yourself.

After these allegations her old tweets were brought up on Twitter and some of her posts outlined her past relationship with her helper and how they didn't get along also that she never wanted her help to pee in her toilet.

Today Tshepi Mavundla issued a statement for an apology and apologized for her wordof choice and some triggering things that were said on the podcast, unfortunately black Twitter didn't seem to be forgiving her

Content created and supplied by: SenamileMhlongo (via Opera News )

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