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Somizi Is Now Stealing From His Fans, Yep. We Heard It From The Horses Mouth

Talk about stooping low, but this one is too low, even for Somizi. A few days ago, Somizi mhlongo posted on his Instagram and as we all know, Somizi is a super star so a lot of people interact on his posts, especially his fans.

This one time Somizi posted about his gigs on Instagram, and one of his fans commented with a very cute caption and this is when Somizi didn't waste no time and told him straight that he is stealing that caption. This is really not good and it raises a lot of eyebrows. If the caption was really that good and he loved it that much, could he not at least compliment it first, and tell his fan that he loves it and that he would like to use it one day, not tell him straight that he is stealing it.

In the two pictures below you will see Zintlemgilwa commenting "Bouncebackability, class in session" and then Somizi replied with " I'm stealing this"

What do you guys think?

Content created and supplied by: Nkazimulo_Thabethe (via Opera News )

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