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The Way Ngingakhona: Here's What People Noticed, That Got Them Tweeting

We have to agree that almost every episode comes with fight, especially Inno and Tholang. What is interesting for most people is how they can get along so quick after an argument or fight. On the previous episode, Tholang, Inno and some friends were out and about.It looks like MJ bought his sister with him, although his sister was nice and caring. She received some bad vibes from Inno cousins/friends, that did not sit well with both MJ and his sister. Things were going well until Inno and Tholang got into an argument, they started exchanging insulting words.Viewers were not surprised, they knew that Inno and Tholang will eventually talk again. Inno got so angry from the argument with Tholang, he apparantly said Tholang is not his friend. On tonight's episode, it looks like everyone is happy. Inno told himself that he has forgiven Tholang even though she did not apologize, he felt like he should be a bigger person.

He talked to Tholang, he did not even ask her to apologize nor did he apologize. The two are mature enough to let go of that stupid argument, twitter users were happy to see them talking again. People noticed that Tholang can get so offensive over stuff that she like joking about.

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