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PICTURES: She gets dragged for not being in Los Angeles


She posted pictures of herself on Instagram and shared the pictures as if she were in Los Angeles, USA, but the background is the one that made social media users look at her for a lifestyle that she is not living. There was a taxi from behind that she did not see.

The vehicle is called Zolabud with a Gauteng province registration number, and it proves that she is definitely not in Los Angeles. Some of them from Instagram are not supportive of her post and some are definitely cheering her up. When it comes to Twitter, they are not approving most.


From the Instagram world, it is also known that their people, as influencers, living a lifestyle that is not reflected as the real one. At least everyone on Instagram looks like they are rich, but when such encounters take place, it is clear that some of them are not.

With Twitter, they were not going to let it slide without going deep into it. She is not on Twitter to learn what is happening with the post she made on Instagram. On Instagram, it is not a hard interaction like in the world of Twitter and some left already.


What she is doing is the law of attraction, even though other people do not see it that way, or maybe she is aware of it. If she is, then she is on the right motive to getting something she wants and her reality lifestyle becoming a testimonial.

She is showing how bad she wants to see herself in Europe and she will be over the moon. Sometimes you must work harder to get what you really want, because it is not guaranteed when it comes to hoping for someone who will sweep her feet all the way to Los Angeles.


Those who are weighing in and not responding positively as expected, they have exposed themselves by refusing to come to her rescue in order for her to reach the foreign land. It looks like it is impossible to dream higher, but it is still possible without a doubt.

The year still has time for her to visit the city, and then her wonderful dream will come true. Surely the response she received was to drag her. They will be irrelevant and her pictures will only be relevant after she is Los Angeles personally.

Your thoughts?

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