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Mina Nawe House: Salima tearfully admits Imraan hits her in front of their children

This week on Mina Nawe House I spent a majority of the time screaming at the screen and wondering how cruel the world could be. It appears Gender-based violence is the only thing prominent between the straight couples on the show and it is out of hand.

However Salima's confession was the most heartbreaking of all.

Salima and Imraan have been the couple that the house has felt animosity against for a long time. It is because they exclude themselves often from the group. Salima is reserved and afraid of her husband, visibly so. Imraan was accused of being a "fake pastor" and always lecturing but never heeding his own advise.

Ayanda and Koketso had been particularly vocal about Salima and its seems their instinct was correct. This weeks task brought out the true nature of their relationship and it was NOT easy to watch. The task included the couples letting us know what they hate that their partner calls them.

Salima said that for her, it is when her husband says he made a mistake marrying her and he should have married someone else. These words by themselves are wounding but the context? Devastating. He was saying this to her after she was admitted for a deep depressive episode. Who does that?

To make matters worse, being in the house has dredged up all her memories including one of begging him to beat her outside and not in front of their children. One of whom could recall it clearly the day that he beat her. It was appalling. You could tell by looking at her that making that confession was deeply upsetting.

Personal Thoughts

I don't know how Basani and Siyabonga sit across these men and not want to reach over to shake their shoulders. I could not listen to that story with a straight face. My heart was breaking in my chest. You can't be in love with someone you're afraid of. It's not possible to me.

How can you love someone and lay your hands on them? Those two ideas cannot co-exist. If Imraan was repentant he would have apologised. Instead his wife choked back tears beside him until she had finished speaking.

These couples don't seem like they should be together. They're all very toxic.

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Source: Mina Nawe House on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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