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'This Is What Was Spotted At Gcokama Elisha's Welcome Party As She Returns From The UK

People came out in large numbers to attend the ceremony to welcome Gcokama Elisha as she returns from the UK, a lot of people came out to support this particular girl and it seems like she's loved by a lot of the community members in the area.

Which is something that is very much inspiring to make sure what could really lead to a situation where they can really assist in the situation, and members of the public are very concerned with the fact that this is even going on we hope that the ordinary members of the public can ensure that they had a good time.

This event was held at Workshop, however the thing that caused many members of the public to be very concerned with that thing is the fact that the was a particular man who came to the party wearing money.

So you can understand that this is some kind of a thing that caused a lot of people to question themselves as to who this particular guy is, because he was actually wearing money on top of his clothes so you can understand that the situation is something that is very interesting to a lot of people.

We wonder if this was some kind of a dress code because he seems to be the only one who was wearing clothes that seem to be very peculiar and it wasn't clear what kind of statement he was trying to make, we just hope that there could be an incident where he could have been questioned and given a platform to express himself.

As to what exactly motivated him wearing money and coming to that welcome party however it seems like things just went very well for everyone, where they had a good time and they were able to welcome their loved one from the United Kingdom and that is a great thing that we have South African citizens who are doing great things abroad.

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