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Ufelani| Sarah lost a her life because a friend sold her to prisoner

UFELANI is a Moja Love Original docu-drama full of emotion and human interest that tells true stories through the eyes of those who were directly affected by the events. The series lends new meaning to the phrase UFELANI - "What are you dying for?"

When she went on that date, she essentially sent herself, her mother, and her brother to their deaths.

Some ladies are taking risks solely for the sake of money and a good life.

What do you do when you're dating a hazardous person? Whether you're a prisoner or not... No one should date someone who is harmful.

Last night's episodes made people more emotional than ever, and some had to stop watching the show. Last night's episode was about Sarah, who was invited to a blind date by a friend. She had no idea that the blind date was a prisoner yearning for love, and she ended up dating him until he was released. The couple was constantly arguing, there was no serenity in their relationship, and they ended up involving their family in their marital drama. Every time Sarah tried to break up with him, he threaded her and she ended up continuing the relationship because she was afraid for her life.


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