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Heartbreaking story of how Skeem saam's Clement Maosa lost his parents

Skeem Saam actor and Businessman Clement Maosa has always being vocal about him losing his parents at a very young age.

He recently took it to social media to share his picture of his birth parents on the day they celebrated their engagement. Clement reflected on how their death came out so sudden and he and his siblings did not even get a time to mourn.

He posted the above picture with the caption that read "this was their engagement ceremony celebration before their wedding. Immediately after the celebration they both started having health issues, and eventually passed on a year later. I was young but I had all kinds of accusations from everyone, community members, family and church people and past by what was the cause of their death. As a teenager I was confused and family war-erupted and we did not even get time to grieve or mourn as everything happened so fast. The early solution was to relocate with my siblings on that village. Switch off the noise and somehow start afresh, healing is a process and no one should predict when and how to deal with it"

I want to hear from you guys, have you also lost someone significant to your life? be your partner, a parent or any family member. How were you able to mourn or deal with the pain?

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