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Watch: Black Coffee wowed by kids simulating Konka nightclub scenes in school drama

Black Coffee has responded to a video of kids simulating a nightclub scene at the famous Konka nightclub in Soweto where a young man impersonated him spinning the decks.

A video of young students simulating going to a Black Coffee event at the popular Links restaurant in Soweto has gone viral. These kids used their lunchtime to shoot a video that attended a lavish fiction featuring a young Black Coffee.

Black Coffee (left) and Euphonik. Credit:

They were seen wearing long fake nails and fake eyelashes made from papers and carrying paper-made champagne bottles walking around the nightclub.

They walk into the classroom with a paper written by Konka at the door, and the party is in full swing there. They are seen simulating smoking and vaping and drinking, doing all the things done in nightclubs by adults.

The star of the show, which is the young Black Coffee was on point, wearing spectacles and spinning the decks in a paper-made mixer and earphones. Black Coffee himself responded to this tweet jokingly and positively as well.

“Tjooooooo Izolo e @KonkaSoweto nehubbly nebubbly nabantwana 😅🕺💃🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 ” the tweet translates to “Wow yesterday @KonkaSoweto with bubbly and bubbly.”

Konka has become the hotspot at Soweto, and the place attracts celebrities every weekend.

The nightclub also took to Twitter to join in on the fun.

“The Black Coffee effect, bekumnandi”, added the fire and laughing emojis.

Simply saying, it was a great night.

DJ Fresh also retweeted the video on his page saying he can’t decide what, of all the fun things happening in the video does it for him,

Meshack Mavuso, an actor and director, also posted the video on his page with positive comments acknowledging the kid’s creativity. Many social media users pointed to how much Black Coffee is appreciated in this country.

Some feel that this is a dangerous message because it shows these kids simulating drinking and holding bags with expensive brands with high life. They say this is not a good message because these kids are being initiated into the hype of living like a celebrity.

Others see this as a joke and kids just playing, while others think these kids are simply dreaming big.

Watch the Konka school drama below on the source link below.

Source link: Savanna

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