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Durban Gen: Sbusiso is laid to rest

Durban Gen: Sbusiso is laid to rest

The season finale of Durban Gen season 1 was filled with drama! Mbali was in the arms of her soul mate while her husband was being shot by his brother for impregnating his wife! In the end, Sbusiso met his ancestors while Thabo, his shooter, will meet his peers in jail!

On tonight's episode, Sbusiso is brought home in a casket and will be laid at his final resting place with the rest of his ancestors! The beauty of this storyline is that so many people will be forced to live with the guilt that will come with knowing that they could have done things differently! Mbali is definitely going to find her way back to Lindelani; the legal way this time around! In the mean time though, she will be feeling liable for her husband's death since she was with another man when he faced his fate. If anything, she will believe that had she been there, she would have spoke sense to Thabo and stopped him from killing his only brother!!!

I think that Thabo was ridiculous for wanting to punish his wife and brother. All they did was in the interest of the family while he, on the other hand, used to cheat for the fun of it! He hurt his wife more times than can be imagined but still could not stomach knowing that the child isn't his, even though he's aware that he's infertile. This is actually better because at the end, the baby belongs to the family!

He still made an appearance at the funeral and this is upsetting for a few reasons! His brother is no more because of him and seeing it upsets the widowed wife, his own wife and his own mother! What's stunning though, is how Calvin who was on a deathbed suddenly healed and could run faster than lightning itself!

When are you consulting real drs to help you make this programme better? How long are you gonna subject us to a half researched show with no bearing on reality? When will you start respecting us please??

Mbali was already with lindelani, shame that girl

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