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Is there a BEEF between Somizi and Kelly Khumalo? - Look at what Somizi said.

What Somizi said to Kelly Khumalo after she responded to his Instagram post is not concerning since they are considered as friends by the public. After a lengthy video of Somzi encouraging women to own their bodies and announcing that he has decided to go alcohol free for the month of October, Khumalo had something to say.

She commented by saying that she wants to join Somizi on the alcohol free month (October), but since the month has already started, Somizi was probably wondering as to when she will exactly join.

Kelly Khumalo and Somizi have been friends for years now, their friendship is not only an informal one. But they held events together, worked together, sang together and danced together. Moreover, as they are both reality show stars, every now and then, Kelly would mention Somizi or vice versa. They have no beef, they are still friends and support each other.

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