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Thando will blackmail Mamba and Simo will confess his sins. See here

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of Mamba as Violetta's brother Thando suspects that Mamba has something to do with Violetta's disappearance. You will remember that Thando told Mamba that Violetta didn't pay his school fees and recently the school fees were paid. Apparently Thando claims that Mamba is pretending to be his sister Apparently you will remember that Thando asked Mamba's daughter Aya to help him to trace Mamba's accounts and find whether the money was coming from him or not. You will remember that Mamba recently asked Simo to pay Thando's school fees and pretend like it was coming from Violetta however Thando noticed that it's not his sister who was writing that message Apparently Aya didn't agree to help Thando however she might change her mind because she might remember that she heard a gunshot at the day Violetta diedLeave your comments please



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