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Truth revealed why Tbose Maputla lest Skeem Saam so soon

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Now that I've stopped being Tbose Maputla for a moment, I need to get off of all of your screens. Thank you for all of the help and encouragement you've given me over the years. I matured in front of you. You watched it happen.

I will use this time to take a break from YouTube and focus on my insurance business, Digni Financial Services, which is accessible via the URL

Thanks to SABC, Sis Winnie, and the cast and crew for their help in making my dreams come true.

Until we see each other again...

"Tonight's episode will be based on these thoughts."

When the abortion clinic calls, either Ausi Clemmy or Kwaito will answer Pretty's phone. I trust that she would never deceive her own mother, who bore her. She's able to fool the boys, but her mother can see right through her. Her mother's bedroom is also where she sleeps, and it's a fact that she seems to forget about quickly. I'm eagerly anticipating Umantuli Kai 1.

I really wish Leshole was here now. He should know. He's been suffering through their nonsense for years. Admin, give me his number, and I'll text "Prettypreg" that he should call. Both Eunice and Pretty are possibly pregnant. Even though we remember Eunice's final move with Fanie, let's not forget about it. It's like a hormonal chaos whenever they're together. "Additionally, Eunice should purchase a pregnancy test for herself," one of her followers told her on Facebook.


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