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Ginimbi's sister who inherited 60% of his wealth haunted by dreams

The roaring storm around the late socialite and businessman Ginimbi may have died after he was buried, but the rumors still emanate from his story.

Ginimbi died when his Rolls Royce collided his head with a Honda Fit before he smashed into a tree and erupted into flames.

He died along with his three relatives, and immediately after his passing, articles concerning his source of income began to reach the front page headlines of the media.

Ginimbi was a serial capitalist with a vested interest in the gas market.

At the age of 36, he had already done what many men his age could only think of.

He had a luxurious home, mega vehicles like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and he even had a state-of-the-art night club named Dreams.

Now his sister Nelia, who had inherited sixty percent of his estate, broke her silence and spoke about the dream she had before Ginimbi died.

In a WhatsApp screen grab that went viral, Nelia sent a message to Ginimbi that she had dreamed of one of Ginimbi's best friends dead.She said that she had googled the dream to discover its significance, and that she had shattered the poor omen that had hit him by meditation.

Nelia has amassed more than 30 000 fans on Instagram since her brother disappearedShe is now considered one of Zimbabwe's youngest millionaire ladies. Apparently, her fortune was the one she inherited.Source: https:/

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