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Famous cloned rappers

Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning which is the reproduction of human cells and tissues. Hip hop is an interesting place in regards to when rappers make major changes in their lives whether physically or music specific. When the illuminate can't control an influential or public figure to persue its agenda they clone the individual in order to control or manipulate them in pushing their agenda through their talents. They do so by cloning someone to look just like you and erase your memory and implant a chip in your head. Here are some of the famous celebrities that were cloned because they were out of control:

4. Kid Buu

Kid Buu is a 33 year old rapper from Toronto Canada who claims to have been cloned in Canada by an institute called Clonaid. This has generated a lot of buzz on the rapper as he claimed to be a second generation clone. Kid Buu recently put all his cards on the table when he revealed his supposed carbon-copy to his fans on Instagram live.

"You all tallking about the clone being fake, thought I was lying about being a cloned, he said". "What you all gotta say now? We both got same tattoos, hair and genetic structure, he added as his supposed clone sits next to him."

He claims that he has been brain washed and can't remember things beyond six years. "They erases my memory", said Kid Buu. He also mentioned of Gucci Mane being cloned.

3.Kodak Black.

His first official appearance after he disappeared for 7 months serving a prison sentence and released on the presidential pardonsaw him rocking a skinnier frame, small eyes, different grills and longer hair as well as sound post prison.

Many fans pointed out that his grill went from platinum to gold and others noticed the shape of his eyes. Kodak looked completely different post prison and he went on to twit that "He has been out for 5 days and only spoke to my Duke #Am a clone. This was very wierd in the sense that he had the whole country waiting and demonstrating for his release and the only person he could speak to was his woman after 5 days!

2. Gucci Mane.

Gucci Mane born Delantic Davis from Atlanta found himself at the center of viral online conspiracy theory of cloning following his release frin prison in 2016.His post prison image showed a complete overhaul from his former self. He sported a toned 6 pack stomach. Gucci himself trolled fans with a vague response soon after the rumors started. "I'm hearing that Gucci is a clone, I would not support or deny those accusations", he said. "If I look or act like robot or a machine know that I'm not doing something on will", he added. This statement confirms that he was cloned and is being controlled.

I. Eminem

The sensitional conspiracy theory of cloning suggest that Eminem real name Marshall Mathers died in 2006 in an accident and was replaced by a clone. This bonkers conspiracy that heralded rapper Eminem died years back and is actually a clone has been further fueled by by the release of To McDonald's sing Clone rappers. In his song he claims that the illuminati took the bone samples to clone rappers and put the real beings in prison. Kid Buu validated this claim. "The extracted a part of my bone from the skull to erase my memory", Kid Buu added.

According to Tom McDonald if the illuminati can't control you, they erase the old you "." They cloned Gucci, Kodak and Eminem ain't rapped since Encore know that ", he added.

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