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LoveyDovey: Romeo Gets Exposed, This Is What He Did Last Night

There was quite a lot happening on last night's episode of Lovey Dovey, it was really heated and we got to know more about Romeo and Lilanga's relationship.

Now, this was an episode that the viewers were looking forward to and it is simply because most people thought that Romeo and Lilanga would win the money at the end of it all.

But it turns out that this will not happen and this comes after the couple had a fight, which then led to some unexpected revelations about Romeo.

The viewers have mentioned that they thought that Lilanga did not really love Romeo, they actually mentioned time and time again that Romeo seemed more invested in the relationship.

When it was time for Romeo to meet Lilanga's family, things went quite well, there was a discussion about Lobola and Romeo seemed eager to work towards taking things to the next level with Lilanga.

However, Lilanga did not get the opportunity to meet Romeo's family, she only got to meet Romeo's uncle and this had some viewers asking questions about Romeo's true intentions.

It is alleged that the “uncle” who was representing Romeo is not his real uncle and if this is true, then it means that there must be a reason why Romeo did not want Lilanga to meet his real family.

His explanation to this was that, his family did not want to appear on TV and this is understandable, but it may seem pointless for that arrangement to be made now because Lilanga left him.

What had some of viewers convinced that Romeo got the man to pretend to be his uncle was the fact that he referred to the man as “Baba”, which is short for Baba omncinci, then later in the episode, he called him “Bafo”, which means brother.

Another thing is that, the man was young, but this is not unusual and this could be a good reason for the viewers to avoid making more assumptions because the man could be Romeo's real uncle.

In a way, one could say that Romeo was exposed, but his relationship with Lilanga was not really promising, especially for those who watched the show from the beginning.

Some suspect that Romeo ended up not being who he wanted to be for Lilanga because she never really wanted to be with him, she wanted a good reason to call it quits.

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