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Just in-Skeem Saam’s’ Meikie Maputla gets sentenced to prison this Friday

Enthusiasts of Harriet Manamela will bid farewell to her terrible person, Meikie Maputla, this Friday (3 December) when she gets condemned to jail. 

The TVSA December mysteries affirm that Meikie Maputla will pay for her wrongdoings and that her legal counselor will not have the option to save her. 


Meikie attempted to kill Kwaito Maputla (Clement Maosa) and his mom, Mantuli (Dieketseng Mnisi) when she discovered that her significant other, John Maputla went behind her back with Mantuli and imagined Kwaito. 

She additionally shot and killed Tumishang (Mothusi Mogano) in January 2020 when he held the Maputlas hostage at gunpoint in Leeto's home. 

Watchers are as yet in dismay that "miss prude" Meikie is being investigated for endeavored murder, and she is en route to jail. 

Devotees of Meikie are crushed as she's ended up being a psycho and a lady even her significant other apprehensions. 

Watchers have additionally seen that her oldest child, Leeto (Eric Macheru) is ending up resembling her. 

They've become close in the beyond couple of weeks as they've concocted plans to keep her out of jail and flopped drearily. 


Watchers anticipate that Leeto will emulate Meikie's example and he's become similarly as manipulative as her. 

#SkeemSaam on Twitter have additionally contrasted Leeto with his lowlife father, Marothi as he's been Meikie's departure from jail. 

Leeto wanted to have Meikie's doppelganger supplant her in jail so she can live unreservedly outside jail. 

He likewise moved his previous stepson, Noah, to another jail wrongfully, and illicitly recorded the Matlogas discussions. 

The secrets likewise uncover that Meikie's condemning will adversely influence her significant other, John Maputla (Afrika Tsoai). 

John will go through the bubbly season with his child, Kwaito, as he doesn't have an extraordinary relationship with Leeto.‘Skeem Saam’s’ Meikie Maputla gets sentenced to prison this Friday (

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