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Same dress but who wears it bests? Thembi Seete or Lerato?


We're looking for fashion inspiration for a lot of celebrities, so it's no wonder they occasionally have associations because, as they say, great minds think alike. For today's She Stole My Look, we have two famous queens on our long list of gorgeous local celebrities. 

One thing we love about our celebrities on social media is the constant fiery service they provide us every day. Celebrities and influencers have made fashion a more accessible topic because they are the ones who are most admired by the inspiration of the outfit. 

LKG is one of the trendiest celebrities when it comes to fashion, be it a designer piece or a simple piece of clothing that you can get anywhere.

To show that his style is really on point, he has done several collaborations with renowned clothing brands such as Levis and Gert and many others. Whether it's for a red carpet or a concert at a local Shisanyama, the radio DJ knows how to serve a look, she definitely understands the task. 

Thembi Seete is also a favorite when it comes to style, and the actress has seen some memorable red carpets that have left a lasting impression. Her age-defying appearance also contributes greatly to her looking so flawless at all times, and the masses of her have praised her for proving that black doesn't crack. 

Thembi and LKG had an 'Oh Snap' moment on social media when we saw the fashionista sport the same nude tutu skirt and of course they had different approaches to designing the garment.

As difficult as it is and as much as we love these ladies, we have to wonder who wore it the best. Lerato LKG wore the skirt at an event she was attending and paired the skirt with a nude shirt and Gucci wedge heels.

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