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Husband and wife relationship

Do You Remember Pregnant Woman who Got Embarrassed By Her Husband In National TV see where she is

Do you remember pregnant woman who got embarrassed by her husband in National tv see where she is

MaShelembe was beautiful this was at her baby shower, she one of the strongest women i've ever seen. I tear drop everytime i see her i feel her pain but she is fearless i stan her. After being humiliated in National television she finally got her smile back after so many years trapped in a lawless marriage.

According to the source she has broken up with her husband and her familunfeels like her husband who is now ex-husband has undermined not only her but also the family. Her husband Bheki Langa took and impregnated another wife amd paid lobola while he has not paid for the MaShelembe.

MaShelembe's family gave their daughterto the Langa family but Bheki himself did embarrassed after failed paid lobola for MaShelembe and her daughter but and was privileged enough to pay lobola for another woman before their daughter. MaShelembe’s story has touched the lives of many people who then offered to hold provicial baby shower. I heard her on Sunday on Izwi Lomzansi FM, shes now 7 months preg, she left and she stays with a female good samaritan. She wants to build a house for her kids at her home because the huts are not in good condition. What her husband Langa is is completely unacceptable more special wen he have not paid lobola their daughter first.  accordingbto the source MaShelembe’s family have taken their daughter and went with her to resold another. His disrespectful he even allowed his other girlfriend to disrespect her wife.

My worry with the MaShelembe situation is that it seems like she was willing to work things out with the husband until she started receiving donations and gifts. I hope she will not at a later stage feel like she was coerced into leaving her husband.

See her baby shower pictures and how happy she is:

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