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After Amanda Du Pont, More & More Women Also Came Out With Their Stories As Well. Check Out This One

Date || 04 December 2021

Source || YouTube 


Gender-Based Violence against women in South Africa is huge thing which not much is being done about at all. Everyday, you hear stories of women who suffered at the hands of men which sometimes are the men who swore to protect and love them. 

Amanda Du Pont was one of the women who experienced Gender-Based Violence at the hands of the man who she was in a relationship with. Not long ago, the actress came out with her story of how she experienced abuse from Uyajola 99's host, Jub Jub. The two dated a while back and that's when Jub Jub used to abuse Amanda and do the unthinkable to her. 

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Amanda's bravery and courage to come out with her story actually influenced more and more women to come out with their stories and, some maybe linked to Jub Jub and some are not. The one I'm going to be talking about is not linked to Jub Jub as this person experienced her abuse from someone else. The person I'm going to be talking about is Naledi Mallela who's a well-known Youtuber and Influencer. 

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Now, Naledi recently came out about her abuse story and, this happened after Amanda Du Pont came out with her's as Naledi was inspired to come out with her story after Amanda did the same. Naledi spoke of the horrible ordeals she experienced at the hands of her boyfriend at the time. She spoke about how the boyfriend would hit her, manipulate her in thinking that she was always in the wrong hence he had to hit her. She spoke of many terrible things she went through all because of the man she was in a relationship with.

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Naledi also mentioned that being in a relationship with that guy, led to her losing her friends and family as they couldn't understand why she put up with him for so long. She became isolated from everyone and since she was isolated from everyone, she, therefore, stuck it out with that man as he was the only one there for her. As you tell, Naledi wasn't in her right mind as she made irrational decisions. 

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However, after some time, Naledi finally left the abusive relationship but this happened after that guy had done something that's super horrible to Naledi. That thing came Naledi the courage to get out of the toxic relationship and leave that man for ever. 

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I'm glad Naledi got the opportunity to leave the relationship while she still could because not many are afforded that opportunity and, it's honestly quite sad.

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