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Toya Delazy opens up about feeling attacked by the LGBTQIA community over unisex bathrooms

Toya Delazy is a South African musician who is openly gay. She has been known to be controversial in other aspects of her life as back in 2020, her comments on unisex bathrooms received backlash from people who were upset with her views.

A tweet about the same issue brought Toya back to this moment.

In case you are unaware, back in 2020 Toya was accused of being "transphobic" for her remarks. In a since deleted tweet she wrote, "How can a women be transphobic for wanting to pee in a toilet with no male energy [...]"

Her obviously impassioned statement aside, she has now come back to this moment. In response to a tweet about unisex bathrooms being unsafe, she wrote, "When I said this they turned my own queer community against me. Worse it was after I got attacked. I have never felt more alone like that day 😪"

Toya didn't elaborate about how or where she was attacked but with more stories of queer/lesbian women being killed in the last year, it isn't a hard story to believe. They become targets for simply rejecting men's advances. It certainly isn't easy to be a queer woman in South Africa

I can understand why the idea of unisex bathrooms would spark fear in many women, especially queer ones. The idea of sharing a space with a man who could possibly harm you is one that no woman who knows the statistics in this country would agree to. Having said that, there is a way to get your point across without alienating transgender women.

Still, one can only hope that Toya will not be condemned yet again for sharing her thoughts on Twitter.

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