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Foreigner teases | SA women are cheap and sell themselves to zimbabweans just for a wig - post

The influx of foreigners looking for good life in the country has stirred up hostility from local South Africans because of the socioeconomic situations that native South Africans say they have been subjected to because of the influx of foreigners. The social media is seeing an a unending war of words and debates as South Africans command that foreigners should leave South Africa but foreigners tries to find various ways to justify why they should be in the country, South Africans have accused foreigners of stealing jobs, selling drugs, hijacking buildings, hijacking jobs which should have been for local South Africans, they have been accused of committing crimes scanning, robberies hijackings and various forms of crimes, however foreigners justify themselves by declaring that they should be in the country because they are africans and then they helped South Africa to obtain freedom during its liberation, something that South Africans have now come to see as just emotional blackmail including being termed xenophobic.

The war of words heightened in on social media, foreigners ended up by ridiculing South Africans as stupid and lazy and uneducated and even accusing South African women as being lame, cheap, that they even sell themselves to foreigners just for money to buy things such as alcohol and vetkoeks because they are poor. There has been pictures that have shown on social media showing Young South African girls dancing and entertaining foreigners in an appropriate way just for money, a post made by one of the foreigners in South Africa on social media says that South African women sell themselves to zimbabweans just so that they can buy wigs because South African men are clowns and they cannot afford to buy them anything or even pay attention to women.





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