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Latest News: Celeste Ntuli tells it all at Macg's podcast

Celeste Ntuli tells it all


Sources: Macg Unleashed Twitter page

Celeste Ntuli is a South African comedian, she is one of the comedians who are under rated for their talent in the country of South Africa. She is talented and also intelligent too, she has been in the comic industry for many years now touring around Africa. Celeste Ntuli believes in her work, I have to agree that she still needs a little push here and there but mostly we can't deny the real talent in her. Celeste Ntuli has got lots of fans in South Africa, her fans supports her in every show that she does that is why she is one of the successful comedians that South Africa has to offer.

Celeste Ntuli has been invited to Mac g podcast where she got to open up about her personality and what kind of person she is. She also stated what the country of South Africa struggles with, she mention things like South Africans are free politically but not emotionally and economically. She added by saying that she is not depressed but broke it means that she needs financial stability to make it out there. She does have ideas that she wants to put into an action, but she doesn't know who to talk to because she is broke and money talks.

Many people are shocked by her intelligence, they believe that she could be the president of South Africa. Celeste Ntuli is a power house woman, she's got all the positivity that other woman need in their lives to look at the world different way. Celeste Ntuli added her commnets by saying that black women are the key to a better life because woman go through a lot each and every day but they still stand strong like nothing happened.

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