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GogoSkhotheni: This Was Noticed, Tumi Claims That Men Come To Her For This

We understand that there is a time for everything and there is always a point where people feel like a reality show is losing its plot, it seems like this is what is happening with Gogo Skhotheni.

So, one could say that the time has come for people to talk about how it makes no sense for the show to be tolerated as it has been. As you might know, there were complaints about the show last week and this was the show's sixth episode.

If people have come out in numbers to say that they want the show to end, then it is a problem, this simply means that people are no longer interested.

And as we have seen already on social media, people believed so much in the show at first, they mentioned what they expected to see.

But, they obviously got something different and there are reasons why the show is not working as it should, one of them being that, Tumi seems to have nothing against witchcraft.

And she has gone as far as saying that she would use muthi to get her husband to get along with her boyfriend.

People thought that she would be mostly focused on healing people and have zero tolerance for witchcraft, clearly what Tumi has said and done recently makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Another thing is that some people do not like is the whole thing regarding Tumi having two husbands, we know that this happens in some cases, but it is very unfamiliar in South Africa.

People would rather not have that conversation, it seems like they never want to see this as a norm and these are both men and women who have aired out how wrong the whole polyandry thing looks and how it does not align with tradition.

Now, Tumi has talked about how she helps every client and it does not matter what they want.

She mentioned something quite interesting and this might have been to justify what she said she would do, you might remember that she said that she would have to use something for her husband and boyfriend to get along.

It looks like she is used to all of this because she mentioned that there are men who come to her with the intention to use a love potion on their wives.

Basically, Tumi has no problem with helping someone who has an intention to do bad things to other people. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to for more on this.


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