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Divorce Affair

Look what Dr Banda did to couple which was cheating, they stuck while sleeping

A Doctor whom seems like a traditional doctormade himself a name after what he did.

Dr Banda started trending on social media day before yesterday when his name appeared on one of television show and people started searching for him since many seems like they want hos services.

There is a video circulating on social media of two people whom were cheating on their partners, unfortunately the girl real boyfriend went to Dr Banda for help.

Dr Banda knows his work, he made the two whom were cheating to stuck on each other during action. This left many people shocked because they've never in their lives heard such things.

On the video, The husband went to DR Kupi Banda to catch his cheating wife ride handed. Options were for them to die or be stuck like that and he chose the latter. They called him from his workplace and after witnessing it he called the Dr Kupi Banda to perfom his miracles again.

You can watch the whole video on the following link and be the witness:

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