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Divorce Affair

Mzansi Reacts As Siyacela Dlamuka Cheats On Thando

A large number of fans are upset with Siyacela Dlamuka for having an affair with his wife Thando.

When Siyacela and ISENCANE Lengane met, they were only 16 years old. Now, two years later, Siyacela is exploring polygamy and has found a possible wife, according to the reality television show Moja Love, which they appear on.

On Saturday, September 25, fans were introduced to his future wife, Zinhle Mbutho, through his girlfriend, Zinhle Mbutho.

Her date with Siyacela in Durban was captured on camera by a crew of photographers.

Despite the fact that Siyacela had previously mentioned his desire to have a second wife in prior episodes, viewers couldn't believe their eyes when he introduced Zinhle to them.

Siyacela stated that he, Zinhle, and Thando should move in together, but viewers expressed concern because neither he, nor Thando, nor Zinhle are employed.

They were enraged and declared that he did not deserve Thando. The majority of viewers expressed their optimism that Thando would pass matric and go on to university, despite the fact that Siyacela did not want her to continue her education.

In a tweet, Relebohile Limba expressed his hope that Thando would be able to choose a "great university far, far away from Siyacela" because of the current scenario.

"Thando must divorce Sthupithu, nicknamed Siyacel, and devote her time and energy to building a successful life for herself. Please, Lord," commented Mbaliyezwe Ndlela, another Twitter user.

"I'm going to need Thando to get me out of this relationship/marriage and get me far away from this boy," Laneyy explained to Thando. Haibo? "There's more to life than this," says the author.


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