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The courageous Connie Ferguson soldiers on

Connie Ferguson is such a heroine. Taking into account what experienced this year , losing her soulmate. lt's very devastating and heart shattering to lose a loved one .

Shona Ferguson was Connie's sidekick , her best friend and the father of their beautiful children. Without him in her life l am certain it's extremely difficult to try and maintain and just to keep on keeping on. 

During her husband 's funeral you could clearly see that she was broken . Any human being would be broken after losing the love of their life . People die, so is life. 

Despite the pain she has been through and the lonely cold nights , Connie is keeping her head up ! She remains productive for the sake of her family. Fergusons productions is still producing great content for the viewers of Mzansi . 

In some instance the company would have been liquidated , or she would have simply quit from the business and focus on something new but no, not Connie . 

She keeps on going . Frankly thats how it's supposed to be , we have to keep moving despite everything , especially after experiencing death. She is even bagging awards in the process.

She is still starring as 'Harriet' in The Queen , one of the most viewed Television series on Mzansi Magic. The show must go on after all and this shows how passionate Connie is about her craft as a thespian and a business woman.

She is an entrepreneur , a thespian , a producer , a brand ambassador and the face of her family 's empire in media. You can say that this woman is 'Super woman' . I mean it takes courage and a lot of faith to keep doing brilliantly after losing your other half , your business partner and the father of your children . Connie is going strong and teaching us that life is what you make it.

The women of Mzansi can learn a lot from Connie . She is as inspirational as ever given her current circumstances and l should say even l am also inspired by Connie's tenacity and will power .

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