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Laugh Out Loud With These Hilarious Memes


Imagine going to hell with a tattoo that Says "The devil liar" is a liar"


When you are out in church to sing a special number then you see an unknown person unplug your phone at the back:


The day I decided to start minding my business was when I saw a guy drinking beer at 7am. I asked him, "isn't it too early to be drinking?"

He replied, "oh really, what time does the throat open?"


Are You Sure The Snake Wasn't Minding It's Own Business Then Eve Asked "Can You Do Me A Favor"


Stop letting people think u can't do without them. Remind them that there was a time u didn't know them and u did just fine:


Cheers to us who skip posts even if they say "Only satan will ignore this"


Some of us choose to be loyal because once we start cheating not even police can stop us:

Hope you enjoyed!

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