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Etv Soap Is In Trouble After They Have Broadcasted This Storyline, They Want It To Be Taken Off Air.

THE MOTHERS WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WATCHING OVER THE REED VIRGINALS have leveled accusations that the television show Durban Gen is undermining the practice of virginity testing. They have threatened to stage a protest against the show.

As they planned a protest in which a daily drama was filmed on etv, they made a warning that the writers of the Durban Gen would "they need to know what right and what wrong" (they need to know what is right and what is wrong).

This occurs as a result of an episode of the show that aired the week before in which so-called "reed chicks" appeared in a hospital, suffering from a substance abuse problem because they did not want to be perceived as being beneath them.

In the episode about the noisy neighbors, the "girls" grow sick and decide to go to the "reed festival."

Because they did not want to give the impression that they were missing something, the doctors decided to give her an artificial personality. This led to one of them harboring resentment toward the physicians.

"Doctor, it looks like we're going to have to reed. You are have to be a virgin in order to go reed. Some of us have already had our first sexual experience. When we went to a meeting with our parents, we brought our mothers with us since we did not want to shame them in front of our parents. "There is a girl who believes that it is beneficial for us to put the brakes on the front so that when we get to the front they will not see the mothers (who check that we are no longer perfect)," said the teenager. "There is a girl who believes that it is beneficial for us to put the brakes on the front."

The auditors were so angered by the occurrence that they called for the cancellation of the television show.

They wanted the playwrights to explain why they were battling against the practice of virginity testing, according to the head of the girls at the Nomkhubulwane Cultural Group, Dr. Nomagugu Ngobese of the Nomkhubulwane Cultural Group. "This is not the first time that Durban Gen has made an appearance in our cultural conversation. The latter is an even greater tragedy due to the fact that they have desecrated a tradition that is important to us. We are sick of dealing with them. Why don't they conduct some research before beginning their writing?

"By doing what they are doing, they are insulting not only the Zulu people but also the King. Let them abandon that notion if they still have it that they can do whatever they want to the Zulu country. This is the land of the King, here is the country of the Zulus, this is the continent of Africa. We will not allow any disrespect for our cultural traditions.

He stated that they were still planning on holding a day of protest, which they would announce once all of the preparations for the Nomkhubulwane Festival had been finished. They will then see us because they have an interest in seeing us with their own eyes.

"We will be like Zulu to Makheni. Due to the fact that it is already being recorded in the vicinity of Durban Gen, we have decided to shut it down. Not only virgins are impacted by this, but the entire country as a whole as well.

According to the leader of Vryheid's virgins, Ms. Tholakele Ngema, there was a great deal of shame in the episode from the previous week. "We are sick of hearing about Durban Gen.

There is a rather long list of potential topics for discussion at the Durban General Assembly.

"Why don't they talk about girls who have sex with males and then end up getting abortions? Why doesn't anyone bring up how much money the government wastes while people are suffering?

There were numerous failed attempts made to hear the comment made by the spokesperson for the channel, Mr. Thapelo Ramatsui.

Ramatsui assured Solezwe that he would respond to the questions he had when he was reached on Tuesday. After that, he stopped picking up the phone when we called.

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