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Lalla Hirayama Opens About Racism Over Coronavirus

Television presenter Lalla Hirayama says she has been receiving a lot of racist remarks since the outbreak of covid-19 in South Africa.

The virus that first broke out in Wuhan, China, which has now spread rapidly across the world.

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The Japanese born presenter revealed that she has faced racism comments from people who assume she may have it.

Lalla took to social media to say: ''I'm so tired of all the racist remarks I've had to deal with during this time. I'm exhausted.''

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The star said she has an understanding for the nervousness that people have at the moment however people needed to be a lot less ignorant and educate themselves about the coronavirus before making any assumptions.

''Honestly. I get why you nervous right now, but the ask if we've been travelling. I've been treated like dirt so many times my heart hurts. Please just stop.

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''Black, White and Asian people around the world have been infected and black, white and Asian people in South Africa and globally are all at risk. Not enough black people travel, yes, but hold onto your crazy ass ignorance because all races under the damn sun travel in this country'' she concluded.

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