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VIDEO: Gogo becomes Amapiano DJ gets a good recognition

Gogo is practicing to become an Amapiano DJ and they are loving her on social media. With after the short-lived career of Six Gee, who lost her life after just releasing one Amapiano song. She was already performing on major media platform when the need was made public, and her fans became devastated with her death.

She is practicing from her comfort zone at the moment, and her stage name is not yet printed on a gig guide, so she is making her first big debut. It is a free industry, and everyone has a chance to participate as much as they like. There is no age limit that prevents her from it because she is receiving a pension.


The South African genre is now very popular and it is no longer a surprise when someone as old as a senior citizen is loving the music, just like when someone who is from another continent other than Africa. Even though there are critics against the genre that has been dominant for a long time, it continues to be loved.

As for someone at her age, it is also not a surprise to become a DJ, and it is just a wonderful surprise to see how she will be a good one on the stage. Especially when it comes to the transitions to the following song. It is another major technique that has troubled a lot of DJs while on the podium.


She is already practicing very well from the video clip and it is with confidence that she will do better when the crowd is expecting a beautiful set from her. Surely she will need help when it comes to track selection and she can prepare them the way she wants them.


1. Qabane: The while old age cabinet with be Konka when Gogo is playing.

2. Rosego: This is magical.

3. Malindy: She is doing the most the decks.

When social approves something like she is doing from her age, she is surely having a good time being a DJ and when you do something with love, your set to have a good response.

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