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Condolences Pour In For TKZee Member And Legendary Kwaito Musician Tokollo “Magesh” Tshabalala

TKZee member and legendary kwaito musician Tokollo “Magesh” Tshabalala has passed away, the incident is very unfortunate for the members of the public as they find themselves in this tricky situation and it calls for more to be done by the authorities in order to ensure that crimes in the country are prevented.

Now it is unfortunate that this individual simply passed on from a natural sleep otherwise the situation would have been a lot more difficult to accept for his family members, if he managed to die from crime which seems to be the norm in South Africa lately, the 45-year-old was discovered by a family member this morning and he passed away while sleeping.

Condolences to the family we hope that they will be able to overcome this tragedy and continue their lives without a hitch because we understand that such things are quite common and they cannot be avoided by people, so everyone must do whatever it is in their power in order to prevent such things but messages have been pouring in for the bereaved so that they can come to terms with this death.

Some people would say that this is the way to die naturally in your sleep it is believed that most of the people who die they never feel any kind of pain, because it simply happens and we wonder to ourselves how does it really feel to die in your sleep or is it one of those cases where the individual wakes up immediately before their deaths which would also be very painful.

It would mean that they noticed everyday but if you simply die from sleep and you never wake up the whole process looks like a dream that quickly happens, and you feel nothing as a result back in the day they used to say that those people are loved by the gods because they die in a manner that they also don’t realize that they have died and if there is a heaven that we immediately wake up to it should be the natural and the most painless transition

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