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Sassa has already confirmed the pay dates for February 2022, here is the reason why


"Recompense for more experienced individuals: Thursday, February 3, 2022

Inability compensation: Friday, February 4, 2022

Recompense for children's awards: Monday, February 7, 2022

Payment for SRD R350 Grants in February 2022 will be made in accordance with the February 2022 timeline.

The amount issued to each allow given by SASSA this year changes; here are the current amounts received per award:

Person with more experience (60-74 years of age) R1890

R1910 More Experienced Person (75+ Years)

R1910 War Veteran's

R1890 Capability

R1890 Care Dependency

R1050 Cultivate Child

R460 for Child Support

R460 in-Aid Award

R350 is awarded by SRD Covid-19."

Hopefully, everyone who was waiting for an installment today has been compensated. Only those who have enlisted to collect their cash at the Post Office benefit from the enormous benefit of knowing their paid date without difficulty. For those who enrolled through their banks, the paycheck may be approved once they have reviewed and approved their application twice.

Sassa was issuing payments yesterday, and many people received their 350. We anticipate today because Sassa has already continued with several installments. Another important point to note is that before you can go gather your cash, you should first receive a message instructing you to do so.

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