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HouseOfZwide: See how Faith will kill MaZwide so that she does not reveal the secret about Ona


Even if Faith kills MaZwide because she doesn't want the secret to come out, the secret is going to reveal it self nothing can stay hidden forever and soon or later Faith is going to fall down with her evil heart and deeds. Faith is willing to murder anybody who cs her way talkn about exposing her, its really sad that MaZwide survived heart surgery and now she will be killed simply because she over heard Faith's secret. Viewers are really sad that she will be killed by faith as they were hoping to see more if her on the show. As Funani's mother was about to go and tell the whole truth to Funani she will stop her and attack her before she even got a chance to spill the beans.

Viewers are not happy with his MaZwide will die as they say I don't know what's going on but last week they said gogo will have a dream about Ona and she will go to tembisa gogo and zanele they will have a little secret now gogo is dead. It shows that evil always wins, it always defeats good. So evil people won't see the need to change their ways.

I feel like taking a break from House of Zwide. Honestly why did the script writer kill such a sweet soul. They should have killed Faith not gogo, why are you frustrating us. We have enough stress already in our lives. Why must the good die always especially when they have done nothing wrong . On this one you let us down, There was no need to kill her character if house of Zwide would be on our screen for many years. We fell in love with her. So I guess they'll keep on hiding this truth about Ona being a Zwide until there is a season finale for House of Zwide or something. As most soapies do so.

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